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Chairman’s Message

Dear All,

I would like to write on behalf of our community and would like tribute to victims of earthquake in Nepal. It was a terrible Day and unpredicted devastating earthquake 7.8 magnitudes hit Nepal on 25th April 2015. Has killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000 people, destroyed more than 70,0000 infrastructures in Kathmandu, Centre of Gurkha and Sindhupalchok District.

The World Communities has helped a powerful relief action support to earthquake victims in Nepal. There is still need to be support the destructions to rebuilt people houses, school, hospital and drinking water.

We have gained lot and kind support from general publics who have donated to our earthquake appeal, thanking you all and community volunteers who have took part in the events.

We have collected more than £4,600 so far during our appeal in Cumbria and Gretna Getaways Scotland. We have decided to distribute the help to three individual victims from earthquake and two National charities, the DEC UK and Images of Nepal.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitated to contact us.

Hari Rai


Carlisle and District Ex Gurkha & Nepalese Association


I welcome to you in our Carlisle and District Ex Gurkha & Nepalese Association website. The website has been launch since August 2014.

The aim of this website is to keep you inform about our activities past and present events of our community, including all our associated members in the community.

The new members are always-open door to join us we warm welcome you.

We shall be always trying to improve our quality of life to integrate into society. The communication is a vital theory of in our life both verbal and written including Internet.

There are many challenges towards 21st century where as we need to entertain, work and learn new ideas such as English classes, sports activities and good education for our young children.

As a community member we have a good cooperation’s of a friendship, working together, and helping each other are part of our humanity.

We could keep our interest on something new, we can then make it difference mean something we’ll improved it.

Lastly, I thank to all members of our community and wish you all the best Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.

Machindra Rai