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UK festival & holidays

Patron Saints

In England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have a National Saint called a Patron Saint. Each Saint has a feast day. In the past these were celebrated as a holy days when many people had a day off work. Today these are not usually public holidays except for 17th March in Northern Ireland.

Patron Saints’ Days

St David day, Wales 1st March
St Patrick’s day, Northern Ireland 17th March
St George’s day England 23rd April
St Andrew’s day, Scotland 30th November
Bank holidays 2018 
1st January New year’s Day is a public holiday. People usually celebrate the New eve on night of 31st December. In Scotland, 31st December is called Hogmanay and 2nd January is also public holiday in Scotland.
In Scotland Hogmanay is a great festive celebration during New year.
30th March 2018 Friday Good Friday
2nd April 2018 Easter Monday
7th May 2018 Monday Early May bank holiday
28th May 2018 Monday Spring bank holiday
27th August 2018 Monday Summer bank holiday
25th December 2018 Tuesday Christmas Day
26th December 2018 Thursday Boxing Day
Other festivals
St Valentine’s Day
14th February is a festive day when the Lovers exchanged their gifts and cards. Sometimes people send their anonymous cards to someone special.
April fool’s Day
1st April is a day when people play jokes and trick on each other until mid-day.
Mother’s Day
The Sunday three weeks before Easter is a day when children send cards or buy gifts for their mothers.
31st October is a very ancient festival. Specially young people will often dress up in frightening costumes to play “trick or treat”. To giving them chocolates they might be stop playing a trick on you. People often carry lanterns made out of pumpkins with lit up the candle inside.
Guy Fawkes Night 
5th November is an occasion of people in Great Britain set off fireworks at home including special display fireworks in City Parks.
Remembrance Sunday 
11th November (also known as Poppy Day) to commemorates two minutes silcence to remember those heroes who scerifices their lives during fighting in first World war and second World war including all major conflicts in the World.