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Amrita Pun

We proud of Miss Amrita Pun she was graduated from University of Salford Manchester on 22nd July, 2016 in Business network (First class degree) well done.


Dhiren suhang

We proud of you Mr Dhiren Suhang (MEng) he was gracuated from City University London on 19th July 2016 (1st Class Master’s Degree) in Mechanical Engineering, well done.


congratulations-graduated 2015We’re proud of you Miss Chadani Limbu, recently she was graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University on 22nd July, 2015. We wish you keep your future endeavours as you face with new challenges in life.


Balika 1We’re proud of you Miss Balika Magar, she was outstanding graduated in Staff & Nursing from University of Cumbria on 27th November, 2014.

We’re confident that you will continue to move on with your more ambition to achieve and hopes for better future.


Elina MMU

We’re proud of you Miss Elina Limbu, she was graduated 1st class degree BA (HONS) in Accounting & Finance from MMU Manchester University on 23 July, 2014.

The graduation isn’t the end of a journey it is beginning of new hopes for better future.