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Dashain festivals in Nepal

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During the month of Kartik (late September and early October), the Nepalese people indulge in the biggest festival throughout the year, Dashain. The longest and the most auspicious festival in Nepalese annual calendar. All Nepalese groups of castes will be creed throughout the country. Last fifteen days of the celebration will be occurs during bright lunar ending on the day of the full moon. The kingdom of Nepal the goddess Durga in all her manifestations are worshiped with innumerable pujas, abundant offering and thousands of animal sacrifices for the ritual holy bathing, thus drenching the goddess for days in blood.

Dashain commemorates a great victory of the gods over the wicked demons. One of the victory stories told in the Ramayan book, where the lord Ram after a big struggle slaughtered Rawana, the fiendish king of demons. It is said that lord Ram was successful in the battle, only when goddess Durga was evoked. The main celebration glorifies the triumph of good over evil and symbolised by goddess Durga, slaying the terrible demon Mahisasur, who terrorised on the earth. In the guise of a brutal water buffalo, first nine days signify the nine days of ferrous battle between goddess Durga and the demon Mahisasur. The tenth day is Day when Mahisasur was slain and the last four days symbolised the celebration of the victory with the blessing of the goddess. Dashain to be celebrated with great rejoice, and goddess Durga is worshiped throughout the kingdom as the divine mother the goddess.

In preparation for Dashain every home is cleansed and beautifully decorated, painted as an invitation to the mother goddess, so that she may visit and bless the house with good fortune. During this time of reunion of distant and nearby relatives occur in every household. The market is filled with shoppers seeking new clothing, gifts, luxuries and enormous supplies of temple offering for the gods, as well as foodstuffs for the family feasting. Thousands of sheep, goats, ducks, chicken and water buffalo are prepared for the great slaughter. All Government offices including school college’s remains closed as national holidays for ten to fifteen Days.

Main four Days of Day one Phulpati:

In phulpati, the royal kalash filled with holy water, banana stalks, jamara and sugar cane tied with red cloth is carried by Brahmans on a decorated palanquin under a gold tipped and embroidered umbrella. The government officials, the military also join the Phulpati during holy parade.

Second Day of Maha Asthami:

The favour of worship and sacrifice to Durga and Kali increases. On this day many orthodox Hindus will be fasting. Sacrifices are held in almost every house throughout the day. The night of the eighth day is so called ‘Kal Ratri’, the dark night. Hundreds of goats, sheep and buffaloes are sacrificed at the mother goddess temples. The sacrifice continues till dawn. While the puja is being carried out great feasts are to be held in the home, villages, and cities.

Third day of Nawami:

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Temples of mother Hindus goddess Animals mostly buffaloes are to be slaughtered to honour Durga the goddess of victory and to seek her blessing. The Military bands also play war tunes, guns boom and officers with beautifully decorated medals in full uniform stand there. When the function ends the courtyard is filled ankle deep with blood. On this day the god Vishwa Karma, the God of creativity is also worshiped.

Fourth Day of Bijaya Dashami Tika:

Jamara 1Tika Day

On this day we take tika and jamara from our elders to receive their blessing. We visit our elders in their home and get tika from them while our younger ones come to our home to receive blessing from us. The importance of Dashain also lies in the fact that on this day family members from far off distance they travel to visit families as well as to receive tika from the head of the family. This celebration continues and ends on fifteenth day of the full moon Day.